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There are moments in our life when we are proud to be who we are and carry ourselves a little differently than before.  I remember when I lost the majority of my weight last year, that although I was “accused of being stuck up”, most people thought I just was standing a little taller because I had more confidence.  I am not tall (about 5’3″), so any way to even appear taller is ok with me.  But have you ever been doing something and someone compliments you or your family on a job well done?  You are proud of being a part of that and love that someone noticed that your family member did something good.  Today, I took a stand and even though there is no going back, I do not regret it.  I am standing a little taller and have let my heart guide me as what I need in my life and what might need to be dismissed from my life.  We all have to pick and choose what we keep with us when it comes to life.  We can take any situation and usually the negative is staring back at us because that is what most people see.  However, it takes a special attitude to look for the positive.  You have to be true to you, first and foremost.  Putting others ahead or ignoring what you really feel just makes you resent what is really before you.  At some point, you still have a choice to make…you either accept it for what it is and no complaints can be dished out OR you change something.  Even if that something is difficult and severing ties may be the only way to truly let your heart be free again.  I wish for every one of you to find one thing that makes you stand a little taller today.  It doesn’t have to be a big milestone, but something significant to you.  No one has to see it or hear it.  All that matters is that you feel it.  I was sent a wonderful little text over the weekend that totally had me shaking my head.  Someone has my back – no matter what decision I make and although it shouldn’t have surprised me that she would, it cemented again what I have always believed about her.  And when you can’t stand a little taller on your own, someone is there to stand beside you and knowing that will make you stand a little taller.  Stand up for what you believe in and be true to you…those that love you will be there and those that don’t shouldn’t be there.

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