The power of women

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A few weeks ago, I attended a concert with Laura Story and Mandisa and saw how music, fellowship, and women of all ages began to feel as one…as if nothing could stand in their way.  It was phenomenal and completely made me believe in the power of women.  Not that I ever doubt it, but it was stronger and we were all resolved to be there for one reason…to feed our soul.  This having been my second concert like this held in a church, I was not prepared for the amount of women that came, thinking that 45 minutes before the show started would be plenty of time for DM and I to get in and find some decent seats.  We had taken our time getting a bite to eat only to come around the corner to find people (like hundreds of people) standing outside, waiting to get through the doors (these were advertised as already going to be opened by the time we got there), as we gently tried to find anywhere to park.  Seriously…anywhere.  But as we realized that it was a little bit colder than we first anticipated, within about 20 minutes, we started to tread towards the church doors.  DM and I quickly found our seats and waited for a night of music that would fill our hearts, make us dance, and love our lives.  Of course, one of our favorites is “GOOD MORNING” by Mandisa so that was the one song we were both anticipating all night because we knew Mandisa would sing it.  Looking back on that night, it was awesome at how strong, confident women can become ever more so when “We Stand Together” (another favorite by Nickleback) and face the world.  Any challenges that come our way, we face side by side, hand in hand.  I sit here thinking about that night, kind of shaking my head, always wondering how that one event impacted all of those women.  I know how it impacted mine.        

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