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Do you ever get that feeling that as you are mosing through life that things are just routine?  You do something that you always do, but you end up talking to someone who you have known for years, but never really shared before, and then your life changes forever.  “Once in a while, someone comes along and changes everything you believe about yourself.”  And then what happens next?  You wonder, “What just happened?”  and you have to try to process it and rationalize it so it makes sense to you.  But it will never make sense to you.  You never saw it coming. Even if you did, you could never have prepared yourself for it anyway.  But is happened.  I was sharing the story of how Rocky and I met and although it seems so far-fetched to even be half-true, it is all true.  I still shake my head at time, wondering how that one day before, my life was the same and then it changed in an instant.  People come into and out of our lives all the time and we never can truly take in all of their influences in that time.  Only when we have time to look back and treasure, does it make sense.  This week, I was most amazed at how we are all so connected, yet never get to the point when we connect.  I am not sure what holds us back.  I am very honest when I tell my story, but not so that people will feel bad for me, because I certainly don’t.  Have you ever had someone come into your life and their initial reason is not what brings you back together?  It becomes something deeper than just carpooling to school with the kids, or passing each other at the copy machine at work, or waving to one another as you head into your homes at night.  If you let others see your heart, you can be afraid that they will see too much.  I know…that was me.  For a long time.  Not any more.  When you think that your day is going to be something right out of the “Truman Show”, think again.  Something truly remarkable may happen.  Someone you never thought about will open your eyes to the new you and you will never be able to go back to who you were before.  It happens just like that.

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