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Have you ever been homesick?  Kids off to college for the first time actually missing mom’s cooking and dad’s love of ESPN?  Ever moved far from the one place you never thought you would leave as you thought that was the only place that ever existed?  How about a different kind of homesick…a longing to be someplace where you belong and the only way you know it is when you feel it.  How can that be, you ask?  Because you have never been there.  Yes, I have been homesick for someplace I have never been before.  A longing to finally let my heart speak for me and do what feels right instead of what I have been told is right.  Have you ever just wanted to scream because you feel like you are lost, but not even really sure why?  Like something is missing, but you don’t even know where to look or what that missing puzzle looks like?  And you are just off, somehow but explaining it to others is like trying to catch a rainbow.  You know it is there, but it cannot be touched or held.  Are you homesick for a place you feel like is pulling you to it, like Superman “hears” of the green crystal in the barn?  It’s a calling you hear and only you hear and you are driven to try to understand it.  Then, what happens?  Little by little, things start to happen that can all be tied together to make it all make sense.  You have found where you belong.  Listen to it.  Reach for it.  Allow it to lead you.  Trust it and have faith in it.  It will guide you home and you will be feel free like never before.

Michelle Homme 2012 ©


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