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It’s hard to do.  It is one of those things I do not do very well, either.  But we cannot do everything all of the time.  Believe me, I tried.  It is ok to ask for help.  One of my favorite quotes is, “I will be whatever you need, for as long as you need, because you need it.”  Our souls call upon us to serve each other, not ourselves.  And because there is no “keeping score”, there are no conditions or strings attached.  I used to do a lot by myself and still do, but I had to allow myself to have weaknesses but never wanted to be a burden to anyone.  So, I took care of myself and relied on no one.  Even someone offering to help me upset me because I thought they were thinking I couldn’t handle it on my own.  Boy, was I dumb.  Live and learn, right?  And it is really hard to ask people we do not know very well to help us, especially if it is a new situation.  I ran into that when I had to ask Rocky to help me at Christmas time.  Actually, I didn’t ask; she offered and I refused at first.  But, she is persistent and stubborn (and well, Rocky, after all), so with a heavy sigh, I allowed her to help.  Ask for help if you need it.  It does not mean you are weak.  It means you know you cannot do it all and that’s ok.  Think about all of the people you interact with on a daily basis — are there people who help you?  Even those you don’t see?  Doesn’t the electric company help you by making sure your alarm goes off every morning?  We all need to continue to help each other and accept the help when it is offered.  Don’t take that from those of us that are doing the helping — your turn to help me will come around…I promise.

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