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Ok, seriously, but not so seriously, it is time to have some fun!  Do you LOVE singing in the car and shaking your “groove” thing?  Maybe that is just me….nah.  But what if you knew someone was watching?  Would you still do it?  You know the old saying, “dance like no one is watching”, but that can be hard for those of us that were more afraid of looking foolish that having fun and loving life.  That is so not me…anymore.  My husband is probably going deaf because I listen to my music a little loud because I want to sing and even though it is probably a weakness for me (instead of a strength), I LOVE it!  There are talents and skills that others possess that I want to share in as well, and as I am learning, I know I will look foolish, but I can say that I am doing it.  Being afraid gets us no where.  A group of ladies at work want to get together for dinner one night (soon, I hope!) and because they only see a certain side of me at work, they may be slightly surprised at what I am like when I am not at work.  Are you having FUN in your life?  I am not talking about the day-to-day schedules doused with responsibilities, smothered with requirements, coated with obligations, and sprinkled with a little bit of  the “because I said I woulds.”  But we HAVE to bring FUN back into our lives!!!  Those small moments our pure joy and happiness can never be duplicated, but make the rest of it worth doing again.  Laugh out loud, even when it hurts.  When your favorite song comes on the radio, sing it to the people in the car next to you.  It will make their day too!  They don’t know who you are and probably will never see you again.  That does not work for my car, but I really don’t care.  Maybe I run into them later and they smile.  Skip down the halls at work, but don’t run into anyone.  Remember that life is meant to be lived, but it does not have to be boring…have fun (within reason) and smile today.  It’s SHOWTIME!!  Let’s see what you’ve got!

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