Thinking again

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I think a lot….but that is ok.  “Thinking is the soul talking to itself.” – Plato.  I must have a lot to say and look pretty funny talking to myself out loud, so I think.  Then, I write.  “Our brains tell us lies, and if we listen, we cost ourselves surprises.  When trying something new, cast off your fear and expectations.” – Andrew Zimmerman.  But sometimes, our thinking can get us into deep water, where we really don’t need to be.  If something doesn’t make sense to us, we try to answer every possible scenario so it MAKES sense.  And once that seed has been planted, it can be difficult to uproot it.  Explanations help us deal with uncertainty and allow us the benefit of figuring it out.  But what if there is no explanation?  What if you have looked high and low and still cannot explain what happened and why?  Those are probably my favorite to remember because really we do need to understand it.  We just accept it for the blessing it is and treasure it more every day.  I used to be a pretty heavy over-thinker, but not any more.  I don’t have time for it and it wastes a lot of my time and energy on something that at the end of all of that work will still not bringing me any closer to an answer.  So why bother?  I have family members who will take the most minor thing and turn it into a crisis.  Really?  Good gravy.  Our head is good for a lot of good things, but it also can stand in our way of truly allowing our heart to tell us what we already know.  But we find a way to fight it, to make it logical, to make all of the pieces fit.  Guess what?  It doesn’t have to be logical or fit for anyone else but YOU!  We don’t have to justify or defend anything.  Over-thinking creates that never-ending battle where our hearts should always tell us what we really already know and believe.  Having others crowd into our tiny space in our head creates confusion, bitterness, and can make me claustrophobic.  I write to get the stuff in my head out so it does not sit there and fester with little pokes now and again to remind me, “I’m still here.”  Don’t fall for every lie your brain will try to feed you — chances are it is jealous of what we all know what never will lie to us…our hearts. 

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