I am at my best when…

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others say I shouldn’t be.  I have heard it all in the last week…”Are you sure?” “You shouldn’t…” “Don’t…” Definitely more than the alternative, but that is ok.  I know some people may be surprised and others have expressed their anger, but I know why they do it. They do it because they care.  I am not doing it to prove anything to anyone…just doing what I do.  I move forward.  I do not stay still for long…it may be in slow mode, but I am still moving.  Guess what I am at my best at these moments…when I can stand up (when people say I should be sitting down) and say, “Let’s go!” or “What’s next?”  I have self-proclaimed myself to be Wonder Woman and although she has super powers (and an invisible plane) that I do not, it is a concept that I hold dear.  I don’t wallow or stay down for much time at all, and that is what gives me the best motivation ever…to keep going.  Especially when others say I shouldn’t or couldn’t.  I do not ask for help hardly at all — if I ask, then I really must need it.  When are you at your best?  When do you shine brightest?  My back can be against the wall, with patience getting in the way, but I will find a way to do what people think I can’t.  It has never been about proving them wrong or making them eat their words.  Life is tough and it teaches you to be tough.  Life is about getting back up when you are sure you can’t.  When people tell you that you shouldn’t be able to.  Life is about showing your best when the best is all you have left.  No, my getting back up is not about proving them wrong…it is about proving that I can.  That I can continue to get better and push myself to be more than I was.  Then, and only then, am I am truly at my best.

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