Second chances

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Everyone needs them. Sometimes, even when we don’t deserve them. When we think there is no way that we could deserve them. I read something today that reminded me about second chances and wanted to share with you while I had it fresh in my head. Every time we make a mistake, every time we fall short, every time we hurt someone…there are second chances that can be had. I am not sure which is more difficult…the one asking for the second chance or the one giving it. When you are the one asking for it, you have come to the realization that you were wrong and that you have hurt someone you love. However, you also understand that you cannot change what has been done. You have to move forward. You have to try, anyway. You may come crawling on your knees, begging for forgiveness, and crying the entire time you are doing it. You are afraid that you will not get the chance to make amends, and that may be something you carry with you forever. Nothing makes a person more humble than asking for a second chance. You have made a choice to try to make things right as best as you can, with all that you are. On the other hand, if you are the person giving the second chance, then you have a choice still to make. You have to allow the person that hurt you or wronged you in someway to ask for the second chance. Once it has been asked, you can either tell them that they do not deserve it or forgive them. Sometimes, you want to do both. Because you are vulnerable and you still have pain and you want them to know, you are angry and full of questions that may never be answered. It may never make sense to you. It may not even make sense to them. But then, you have to decide…to let them go or hold on to them, in spite of being hurt. In spite of crawling on your knees, begging to understand, and crying the entire time. Knowing that you may someday be the one asking for forgiveness. How much do you want that person to be in your life? Are you willing to fight for them, even if you makes you raw and vulnerable because you love them? Are you? When will you know when it is time to walk away, even if you haven’t been hurt? Will it be clear to you or will you still wonder after you made your decision if it was the right one? Many times, we never know these answers ahead of time. I wish we did. You do not get a second chance at life – no do overs, no mulligans. You have one shot ONLY. What are you doing with your one shot? Doesn’t every NBA star want to be able to slam dunk the ball? Isn’t the biggest thing you can do in baseball is hit a grand slam? Are you living your life that way? Go for it all – always. No regrets. Think about second chances when they present themselves and follow your heart. It may be hard and nothing you would have guessed you needed, but it happened for a reason. To see what you are made of and how you will respond. Life has no second chances. Remember, your life started years ago and if you have not started living it yet, START TODAY!!!!!

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