Rule #8 – Be Yourself

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These rules are not mine. I did not write them, yet I do all I can to practice them at all times. In all, there are 22 Rules with Rule #22 being the most important. One day, maybe I will write about the others. Today, I am writing about Rule #8 – Be Yourself. Who are you? Do you know? So many years are wasted trying to be something or someone we are not. Why? It cannot be fun and certainly is frustrating and time-consuming. We do it because we are afraid of letting others see who we really are. Are we ashamed of who we are? Usually, not. When you are being who you are…without gimmicks…without an agenda…without pretenses…you feel free. Instead, we spend our lives hiding, being afraid, and running from follow our hearts. It has to stop…someday. You and I cannot continue to chase our tails around in circles and hope to be somewhere different. Eventually, you have to want to stop chasing your tail. You are who you are and you have so much to give. You just don’t know it yet. Allow your soul to fly and show the world what you can do. You can do anything. I have found that I am happier, love deeper, give more, and embrace my life when I am being me. When I laugh at a funny billboard or leave someone a message in a different accent, I am being me. When I write in my journals or on this blog, I am being me. When I cheer on my boys and encourage my husband, I am being me. When I give a friend a hug and tell them that I love them, I am being me. I will NEVER excuse myself for being me. It is all I have to give and I am going to do just that.

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