The Greatest Gift

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I have said before that hugs, compliments, and smiles are free – therefore, everyone can afford them. I was reminded today that I have given someone something even better. Something that I did not realize I had given, nor did I give it a second thought as to whether or not I should or should not be giving it. It just happened. This gift costs me no money, no planning, and no special wrapping paper. This same person thanked me once about always having time for her. When she told me that, I did not realize what that really meant until today. I have had very few people who I can honestly say changed my life. I made it very clear the other night to her and others that were with us, that she is one of those people. She does this for me every day, whether she knows it or not. I lay it all out there more than I ever have and even though it is difficult sometimes, I have gotten past regrets and pretending. When she sees the REAL me, with no walls and no secrets, then that is the Greatest Gift I can give her. I give her ME…that’s it. In return, I receive the Greatest Gift – her and all that she brings to the table. We are constantly amazed at where we both were some 15 months ago, where shaking our heads in disbelief doesn’t even make it make sense either. I seriously don’t think either one of us could have imagined where a chance meeting and an immediate connection would transform our souls. FOR GOOD! We are blessed by the people who come into our lives and forever leave pieces of themselves that we treasure. Hold onto them. Make sure that you are giving away your Greatest Gift. The best part is that your giving away your Greatest Gift makes you better and richer with all you hold dear. I am better because of her and she is better because of me. You know who you are, but thank you for always having time for me, laying it all out there, and giving me YOU. JS.

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