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Who doesn’t need this from time to time? I needed that today. I am unsure if I can even pinpoint big enough grounds for my desire to have it. For whatever reason, I am not even sure that I got it. Reassurance can mean so many things and be given in so many ways. From across the room, a wink can tell you, “I see you and acknowledge you.” A smile can say, ” I am happy to see you and am glad that you are here”. Music can make my heart be calm and my head stop spinning and remind me that everything will be ok. Accomplishing a goal, whether big or small, short or long-term, can verify that you did it. Long lost friends can reconnect after a lengthy separation with a simple hug that says, “I missed you.” Reassurance can provide comfort when chaos seems to be what surrounds you. You can rest. You can gather your thoughts and regroup. People astound me when they give freely of their faith and hope that everything will simply be ok. And they truly believe it! When turmoil and confusion finds us…and it does find us…when need reassurance. We need to know that someone is there to support us at exactly that time – when it all seems to be falling apart. When we are not sure what end is up and how to right ourselves is when we need to rely on others so that we can get back up. Just as a warm, soft blanket covers you in comfort, so does the reassurance that comes when someone holds your hand when you are afraid. It tells you that you are not alone. That someone is right beside you, ready when you are to take on what else the world is dishing out today. There are days when we need more reassurance than others, for whatever reason. We have to trust that those that care about us and let them care about us…drop everything in the middle of the night and talk to us kind of care or run us to the emergency room against our will kind of care…do those things not just for us when we need it. They do it for themselves as well. They need reassurance that we are ok. That we are well. That we will be there tomorrow. It calms their heart and stops their heads from spinning. Taking a deep breath will reassure me that taking that moment to slow down and think for just a small amount of time will trigger peace and once again, I can take on the world. Maybe you count on certain people for your reassurance or maybe my random ramblings do the same for you as it does for me. It reminds me that I am human and times get tough at times. But I am tougher. Find comfort in words, actions, and melodies. They are there for that sole purpose. Let them in. I have been reassured tonight as I write this very post. Have you? I hope so. Have a great nig

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