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New doors keep opening and showing themselves to me. Doors I wasn’t looking for anyway. But new ideas and perspectives are showing themselves in places I have never looked and from people I never expected. Sometimes, I seriously need to just take a look around because I feel like I am in a funnel cloud that is moving so slowly on the outside, but inside it is like 200 mph. It almost seems like I am moving in slow motion, but really things are taking off faster than I truly expected. Every opportunity that is coming my way, whether I planned it or not, I am open to it. I cannot dismiss it as insignificant if I am unsure of why its important. It wouldn’t have come to me unless I was supposed to pay attention to it. “Some are born with keys looking for what they open. And some are born as hidden waterways searching for what will open them.” – Mark Nepo We have doors and keys all around us. Are you willing to cross that threshold and step to a new side once you get to that door? Anticipation can make you waver and hesitate. But I have found that pushing through and getting it over worth makes it much more bearable. Usually, if we access it afterwards, we find that it wasn’t as bad as we expected. We expect the worse. A new door presents itself to us everyday. Are we strong enough and courageous enough to open it and walk through it? Sometimes, we just have to do it. Imagine what you will open you when you give life the chance to do just that. Look for your door today…it will be there. Maybe not in a pretty little package or with the sweetest of messages, but it is there. Waiting…just waiting…for you to open it and walk through it. I DARE YOU TO BE OPEN TO IT!!

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