What are you capable of?

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Seriously? Yes, it is early and I am on a roll already. Although this comment was made to me in a different context this morning, it sent me here. Again. I pose these questions not just for my benefit but really to get you think…to ignite the light…to really question what you can do with your life. Ultimately, these choices are yours. How do you answer what you are capable of? Even if you think you know, do you REALLY know? I think it changes every day. For example, I never thought I was capable of running from here to the end of my driveway when Rocky and I first hit the pavement some 16 months ago. But as my stamina (and heart rate) increased, so did my ability to do more. Eventually, we went further with “10 more steps” and then could run a mile without stopping. I am in CONSTANTdisbelief when I took a quick look at what I have done in the last 18 months. It seems almost like it passed in a blink and yet I could tell you a lot of things that I will always treasure. What do you want to do? I was just asked to participate in a triathlon in October. I am not training for one, so just the mere thought of actually doing it has my head spinning around like one of those rides at the amusement park. I am not dismissing the fact that I don’t think I can do it and this is still the year of, “Why not?” – but can you say, PUMA? I was astounded today by comments made to me about what I did for someone without really even trying. What I did was not a goal I had in mind, nor was it something that I would trade for anything. But that was as reminder of what I can do – what I am capable of – especially as new versions of life present themselves. Do not settle on what you are capable of now, because it will change. Maybe it will surprise you in ways you never thought possible. Maybe it will generate the strongest passion in you so that you can live your dream. Maybe you don’t have the answers yet. But, I promise you…if you keep asking the questions and trying (even through failure and unexpected disappointments)…if you look for support (even in places you never thought it would be)…if you just believe…you will find what you are capable of and change your life. You are capable of so much more than what you see right now. I am living proof of that and I believe it. So can you.

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