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Can a simple conversation lead to a spark with the eagerness and hope that you see staring back at you be so overwhelming that you are stunned by its mere presence?  If so, have you ever seen that?  I have.  It mind boggles me every time.  REACH = React. Engage. Attitude. Connect. Hope.  There is a co-worker that walks past my office every morning and evening that she comes to work and MB always seems like she is carrying everything with her — literally.  Over the last couple of days, I had realized that had wasn’t carrying what she usually always had with her every time I saw her — her smile.  So, I reach to her and offer her a hug, not really knowing how it is going to be received.  As I hold her, and through the tears, she breaks a little and tells me that one day she will have the courage to come talk to me.  I know what that feels like…when you are doing everything you can think of to put on your game face and get through whatever you are dealing with in life.  I have been there even recently and while I was getting my hug, I realized that I was shaking.  How many times has someone walked past you or seemed a little different from they normally are and we don’t take the time to let them know that we care…that we are there to listen…that we are all there too.  I have posted before about how people (in general) are used to taking the easy way out because we are busy with our own responsibilities and things, but when people share with me what troubles them, then my worries seem less and that actually helps everyone.  It is a win-win.  I implore each and every one of us to REACH to someone today…even if you think it doesn’t matter…even if you never know how it affects them days from now…because it is not about you.  It is about them and if we took more time to care more about others than we do about ourselves then we would all be better for it.  It would show in everything we do.  All because we cared, loved, and gave.  All because we could REACH.

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