Just like a penny in the gutter…

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As I crossed the street this morning, I walked over the gutter as I stepped onto my driveway and then took another look to the ground.  And there I found it.  A scratched up, tarnished piece of copper that had been discarded or tossed out as if it no longer had value.  Have we ever felt like that?  I am sure we all have at one time or another.  Where we were left for another day…left to be washed drown the drain…left to be forgotten.  As I looked at this coin, I wondered how it got there and how many other people had overlooked it, like I almost did.  This coin had been tossed around and thrown against hard things to cause the dents in the once smooth surface.  Part of the face was rubbed off as well, leaving small ridges and dirt and grime in its place.  That penny reminded me of…well, me.  But then I started thinking bigger of what we can do when we find those misplaced people in our lives that just need a little TLC to be looking brand new.  Don’t get me wrong, those scars and the journeys taken will never be forgotten as they have now left their permanent mark on that coin forever.  I find it amusing when simple little things that we probably overlook every day somehow find meaning and begin to represent something else based on our experiences.  We all might have been the same coin at one point in our lives, but we don’t always have to be.  We can get polished and shine again.  So, the next time you are busy with your lives, you just may miss the one thing you need to see…even a penny in the gutter.

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