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So, last night my husband was watching something on SciFi – which is pretty typical, but it wasn’t a vampire or werewolf movie, so I was kind of glad about that.  Anyway, he was watching one of the new “Star Trek” movies and of course, Dr. Spock has a few lines in where logic and calculations are what dictates what he does next.  That was me.  Always preparing for the next scenario, anticipating so I can get ready for it.  Then, Leonard Nimoy says to his younger self, “Put logic aside and do what feels right.”  Boy, do I wish Leonard had told me that years ago…But I couldn’t do it then.  I wasn’t able to and now I am.  I was an over-thinker and usually let my head lead, but not anymore.  The only regrets I have had have been because I did not do something or maybe because I said too much.  I still have some of those regrets from time to time, but not like I used to in my past.  Now, I follow my heart and “do what feels right.”  It was a long time coming and I cannot imagine me not being where I am.  Finally.

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