HOPE walked through my door

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There is a young lady that I have met only once before yesterday but she will never know how much I saw in her and how much her presence has righted “my ship.”  Yes, on occasion for all of us, our “ships” list to one side or another for reasons that we cannot explain.  My ship had been drifting, without any real direction lately, due to circumstances that life throws at us.  But yesterday, I saw the hope and the desire and the wanting for life to be more for this girl.  Not because of anything that I said to her — this was her own doing and that is what I want to be a part of as I follow my heart.  She and I know mutual people who can make things happen so I send a text to one of them to hopefully get things going where we had wanted them to go for months, but haven’t had the chance to really put something together yet.  CS loves the idea.  I look at “Two Hands” every day and after LF left, I looked at “Two Hands” again and read the words printed underneath the picture.  That is when it hit me.  Like a ton of bricks or a good slap across the face.  I knew instantly that my momentum was wandering, having lost its focus.  I was a scattered brained, with all kinds of “kitties” going on in my head, and I lost sight of my goal.  I forgot why I am here and what I am supposed to do.  In chatting briefly with this young lady, it gave me great confidence that there are kids out there that are standing at the door of their future and just need that one thing – and it is different for everyone – that gives them everything they need to walk through the door.  She sees it and wants her fellow classmates to see it too.  To believe it too.  To know that it can be theirs too.  Just like everyone in this life, our “ships” do not always go where we think they will and sometimes, never find that one port that feels like home – where you belong.  Because you know it when you are there – you FEEL it.  It is almost indescribable to those who are not there.  But yesterday, in the form of a beautiful young lady, I saw hope.  And I want to be a part of that for her and others and will continue to do what is necessary to share that kind of hope with everyone I meet.  Thank you, LF.

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