Feeling like unmatched earrings

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I am such a dork.  I got ready for work today like I do any other day, and since I like to wear clothes that require little or no prep (just like my hair), I thought I would mix it up a little, so I put on my beautiful pearls that Mike bought for me and ironed my red shirt.   Just before noon, I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror in the restroom and realize that I am wearing two different earrings!!!  The have the same backs, but that is all they have in common.  LOL!  I had worked almost half my day and no one said a word to me…and I am pretty sure that I did not just give everyone the profile of my face when I talked to them.  But, it got me thinking…have you ever felt like one place felt right just as much as another place felt right too?  When one looks good and the other looks good too, but you are not sure which one you should wear?  Have you ever done that?  Or am I still the only dork?  Haven’t we all grabbed two different shoes, two different socks, and two different earrings?  I wasn’t embarrassed, I was laughing about it.  Sometimes, regardless of the situation, laughing is how we get through it — especially if it means laughing at ourselves too.  In high school, I was an athlete, but never really fit in with those people because I was also an honor student.  And most honor students weren’t exactly on the varsity softball team.  I never really felt like I fit either place, but was stuck somewhere in the middle where I did both, but never felt comfortable being one or the other.  I never had to choose.  We can still feel that way today.  It can be at work, at church, or with the parents that have sons playing on your son’s team.  Isn’t it nice when you just “fit?” When you know that there is no teetering back and forth, undecided and uncommitted to one or the other?  When you can really be who you are?  So what if we wore the wrong shoes today…laugh about it!  Then write about it!  Happy FDW!

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