Play by your rules

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How many times do other people’s rules come into play?  I understand we have to follow rules and as a rule follower by nature, but sometimes I should get to write my own rules and then I play by those.  This is what I know…we still have control, even when everything around us is out of control or we feel like it chaos is everywhere.  Believe me, that came up yesterday when someone said things that made me very angry.  Since then, I have had some time to cool down and will decide what (if anything) happens next.  Because ultimately, now the ball is in my court.  I realize that we always have choices to make and sometimes those choices are not easy.  But if in making those decisions you hold no regrets and have fully given all you can, then you can walk away with your head held high because you played by your rules.  No one should ever dictate that you don’t.  People that choose to use words that are making up for their own issues are “not my problem” and therefore, I will not be the solution.  Tie your sneakers a little tighter, put your game face one, listen to the theme from “Rocky” and get back out there and do what you do.  Always be true to who you are regardless of who else is on the court with you.  They are there to make you work harder and you will excel in the face of adversity.  This is your life, play by your rules.  Always.

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