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I am not sure why this came to while I was running errands over the weekend, but it did.  Maybe it was because I have been trying to get caught up on my scrapbooking and all of these photos that I am attempting to organize and put into books make me go back and remember.  In fact, the other day, our youngest son was donating some childhood toys to some kids that have none and as I watched him quietly play with these action figures (he is 15 now) and he told me which ones were his favorites, I was transported back when he was 3 and 4 years old, getting the same enjoyment that he was now.  I scrapbook to preserve those memories that we sometimes forget about and I enjoy watching the boys look through their books, trying to remember why they decided to be a Ninja for Halloween that year or when we got our dog, Molly and how little she was back then.  We have just a few moments in our short lives and we need to remember to treasure every one of them.  Rocky and I started a list of funny things that have made us laugh, dates we will never forget, and things that we say to each other that only we know what it means.  I think I started it because I didn’t want to forget one of them and a couple of weeks ago, she and I were remembering our 25 mile walk that took place about a year ago.  One song by Neil Diamond will always remind me of that day.  Funny thing is that I had never heard the song before and yet it is one of my fondest memories from that day.  How many moments have you had that we forget about?  That when that moment happens that we dismiss it because we are in a hurry or thinking about what we need from the grocery store?  Love the scrapbooks that you create in your mind and hold them close.  We have several of those digital picture frames and my favorite pictures are always from when the boys were little and Mike and I were first married.   Those days happened so long ago, but for a few seconds when I see the picture, read the words, or see a son playing, I go back and I tender the moment.  By doing so, you create memories that can never be forgotten.  Don’t miss those moments in your life.

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