Out of sight

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How many times have we heard the phrase, “Out of sight, out of mind”?  Many, is what I would guess.  It means that we usually forgot something or someone if we don’t see it in front of us or spend time together.  We lead busy lives and in those few moments between work, grabbing something in the drive thru lane as we head off to soccer practice, and then back home to help with homework as we throw a load in the washer, sometimes we grab a little time to reminisce.  To remember and think about those things and people that we never see…that we never talk to…  How do we get to that point?  Life goes on and it has to.  We all wish we could take an escape from the real life we chaotically see, but those moments are few and far between as well.  How do we cope?  We think about those things and people that we miss and anxiously look forward to seeing them once again, never knowing when that moment will come again…always hoping it comes sooner rather than later…hoping it comes.  Today, I was greeted with a smile and a wave as I crossed at an intersection where a friend of mine was as we headed towards our respective jobs.  I almost called her to say hi, but didn’t and I smiled all the way to work, thinking about her — wishing her well and always looking forward to the next time.  A little while later, I received a call from this same friend and we were able to take a few minutes and get a little caught up, share some good stories, and my day became instantly better because I saw her and she thought of me.  What did I do?  I told her so!  She needed to know that she made my day just by that call.  Sometimes, it can just be a text or a quick message on Facebook.  Or call them at work when you know that they aren’t there — nothing will make their day more than hearing your voice.  But if you think of others and don’t tell them, how do they know that you think of them?  Isn’t the whole point of thinking about someone is to let them know you were thinking of them?  Otherwise, why stop there?  It doesn’t do anything for them.  They have no idea that you took one second to wonder how their day was or that you hope that the family is well.  Recently, I was told by someone that they think of me often and it kind of surprised me — I thought, “Out of sight, out of mind.”  I didn’t know any different, although I had hoped that I was not forgotten.  Take a few seconds out of your days and let those people know that you are thinking about them…I would just about guarantee that you will give them a reason to smile and you will too.

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