Opportunity has a shelf life

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Perishables expire.  They go bad if they are not used in the time that they should be.  The same could be said about opportunities.  They come and go, with no real defined explanation of when or if they will come again.  We have been conditioned to be careful and cautious and to be mindful of chances that come our way.  However, when those chances come and we commit to taking advantage of what may lay ahead, the butterflies and nervousness excitement begins.  Has this ever been you?  Where you wanted something so badly that when it actually came, that you almost were sick to your stomach?  Chances are, we all have been there once or twice in our lifetime.  Sometimes, we are more afraid of the unknown than we are about the excitement about the same.  I have heard a co-worker say that he has but one regret in his lifetime — that he chose not to play high school football his senior year.  He was new to the school and wasn’t sure how he would look compared to the other boys and was more timid when it came to not trying at all.  40 plus years later and I still him him say it.  Missed opportunities will eat at you forever with regret bigger than the feat itself.  No one remembers that you didn’t try something, but you will remember that you never did.  So what if you fail?  Did you give it your best shot?  You know for sure that you would succeed at anything if you never try anything.  What do you have to lose?  Explore EVERY opportunity that comes your way.  It may be a long shot, but even long shots win every once in a while.  You have opportunities right in front of you — but you dismiss them as not for you — and you sell yourself short.  Pivotal acts come along to show you something different and only YOU can decide what happens next.  “Living with failure is easier than living with regret.”  Because we all know, that eventually your chances run out as wasted moments become rotted with potential and dreams yet unfulfilled.  The likelihood of something like that coming around again is pretty nil so I implore you to look around and see what you can do with the opportunities that are being given to you.  And not just see them, but act upon them.  You are just too good to not be living your full life.  So, what are you going to do next?  Take your shot at changing your life with every opportunity life affords you.  Regrets is much more difficult to live with than anything else.

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