Remaking ourselves

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We are given an opportunity to do this every single day, but don’t always take full advantage of it.  It’s ok.  Forgive yourself just as I need to forgive myself.  But what if you believed this about yourself?  Yesterday, I was told by a friend that he felt stuck, like he doing the same thing every day, but he wanted to be challenged more.  I could sense he wanted something to be excited about — something that would bring him joy.  He told me he didn’t know what would bring him joy.  So, guess where I suggested he start?  By asking himself, “What do I love to do?”  and then honestly answering that question.  I also reminded him that once the answer is the same every time, then that should tell you something.  His reaching out to me yesterday was his first step and that is where it begins. That is how we remake ourselves.  People can remake their bodies by going to the gym or (my personal favorite) running first thing in the morning.  Some of us will help others remake themselves in ways people won’t recognize, but are still there.  How can you start to remake yourself?

  • Change your attitude.  Like a light switch, turn it on if it is positive.  There is no off.  Period.  Negativity turns me off and I always notice it when I hear it.  That always heads me off in another direction and not the one they are going.
  • Don’t judge others.  People are not always what you see.  If that was someone you loved, would you appreciate hurtful things being said about them? Probably not.  Plus, it says more about you than it does them, anyway.
  • Learn something every day.  You may not learn it in a classroom, and at times, it will not be the lesson you wish you had to learn, but do it anyway.  Every time you do, you grow and are better for it.
  • Be bold.  Go outside your comfort zone and accomplish something that terrifies you.  Hold strong to what you believe, even if you are the only one believing it.
  • Find your “MOXIE”.  Show it everyday.  People will wonder what you have and where they can get it.  Be true to who you are and people will notice.
  • Give more than you receive.  IT is not about YOU!!  Giving of yourself, whether it be of your time or talents, is something that I will always treasure when they are given to me.  Give from your heart and you will be addicted to it!

Remaking ourselves starts with one step.  Just ONE.  No one may even notice, but you will.  Changes will occur that you cause you to wonder what “stirred your pot” and why would you ever want to go back.  Whoever you are meant to be will start to become something that can no longer be docile in your soul.  It will start to live the life it was born to live and you be ever grateful for it.  So, what are you going to do about this?  Are you going to think about all the things you want to do and not sure how to get started or are you actually going to do something about it?  I am remaking myself every day.  Sometimes, it is a small change that no one ever knows about, but I know.  And it makes me better every day, too.

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