Living two lives

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Is this you?  If it is, are you ashamed to admit it?  Do you have a life that everyone else knows where you go to work, you attend church, you pick up things from the grocery store, and take part in your kids’ lives?  Do you also have a secret life?  A secret life filled with your dreams, passions, and hopeful opportunities? A life where if you could do anything in the world, you would pick this life?  We all live two lives at some point, but we have to find a way to integrate them.  They MUST meet.  How do you ask?  The first step is admitting that you want your secret life to be more of a fore-front of who you really are and containing it strangles the very life you ache to live.  Someone I know lets fear dictate her life and yet she consciously knows that the doesn’t to live her life that way and so her heart and head are in a constant struggle for who wins.  So far, the fear is winning.  How can we see, know and believe that we want something so different and to lead another life and yet on the other hand be so afraid of pursuing and obtaining that same life that we do nothing?  With a heavy sigh, this may be you.  It may be someone you know.  One of my new favorite quotes is, “Decide what you want more than you are afraid of it.” But it doesn’t end there.  Telling yourself that you want something new doesn’t ever get yourself that something new.  You have to take action and actually do something.  There are two ways that you change your life, and I have said it from the beginning.  A&E. 

  • ATTITUDE:  You have to change the way you think before anything can ever be done.  You have to see yourself doing more and being more in order for you to be more.  Believing that you can do more may not always come from within at the beginning.  Sometimes, you believe it, maybe even for the first time, when someone else believes in you and when they see your potential just lying just beneath the surface, aimlessly waiting for the right time to live. 
  • EFFORT:  Having great thoughts does nothing if we don’t expand on them and actually commit to them.  After you feel that you need to do something else, you must do something with those thoughts.  Imagine what you could do if instead of having those dreams live within the boundaries of your mind, but that they actually are given the universe to create magic! 

Anybody can talk a good game about anything they want.  It is only when people actually take that thought or dream where reality becomes something we truly admire.  If you tell me that you love woodworking, but don’t own a miter saw or drill set, you don’t love woodworking enough.  If always wanted to learn how to paint, but never took a class, then you will never learn to paint.  We all get stuck with what we see and what we want to see and they are not always the same thing.  You don’t always have to have all of the answers.  Chances are you are not going to like all them anyway.  Are you happy living your two lives?  Guess what…you know this answer and you may not like it either.  Because it will make you choose to continue what you are doing or do you have the MOXIE to change it…it starts today!

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