On the Verge!

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Do you know what it feels like to be on the verge of something?  To not quite be climbing any more and not quite over the top, but almost teeter-tottering right at the edge?  I may be there.  Do not ask me “What are you on the verge of?” because I will not be able to tell you…I just feel it.  I see potential every day.  I view my life as something that has yet to bring more people joy.  I am excited about possible new adventures.  I am humbled by kind words and nice compliments that are finding themselves headed in my direction.  Most of us get to this point and become nervous, but in an excited kind of way.  We also can let fear and the unknown creep into spaces it never belongs and cannot thrive if we don’t let it.  What are you waiting for?  Have you decided to change your life?  Why not?  If you were told you had one chance and one chance only to make the most of something, you would give it every thing you have.  Every day, you could be on the verge of something unplanned that will take you down a path you never saw yourself travelling.  Attitude and Effort always dictate what happens next.  You have to tell yourself that you are capable of more…that you deserve more…that you can give more…that you are more than you ever imagined.  We are all on the verge of something great that is just waiting for that one little thing to set us over the edge and start something exciting that impacts us for a lifetime.  Life happens and change is inevitable.  Don’t expect too much too quick for there are reasons why and lessons to be learned before everything is in place.  Your well thought out plans may be the precursor for something even better.  Accept it for it being what it is meant to be.  You are RIGHT there!!  I am too!  On the verge!

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