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This morning, I was thinking about the way we connect to others that come into our lives.  Some people will come in and out so fast that they are like a blip on the radar screen — by the time we barely see them, they are gone.  Others, linger for a little while longer — long enough for us to notice them as we remember them fondly as we may each go our separate ways.  Then, there is the much smaller group — those wonderful people who impact with such a great force that it would be impossible to explain our lives without including them.  In one way shape or form, we are all connected.  For example, LinkedIn is a way to verify that we are connected to people we may never meet, but somehow we can draw the “six degrees of separation” and associate with others.  I knew six months after my first date with Mike that I would marry him.  I am still very happily married to him after over 23 years of marriage.  I will FOREVER be connected to him because of our three sons.  My sisters and I became more in tune with each other as they grew up and we knew that we would remain close, even though distance separates us.  We wish it was different (we disagree on who should move closer to the other, etc) but also have worked hard at keeping the level of those relationships where they are and cherishing them all they bring to our lives.  A moment this morning struck a chord with me as it brought back a feeling a connection that I know is different, but yet still there.  It still lives and it is still strong.  I have lost touch with others that I thought would be there, but because our lives have taken different paths, I no longer feel as connected to them as I once was some time ago.  As much as I may grieve for the loss of that closeness, I am always grateful for the wonderful smiles and hugs that came my way.  I might have “loved and lost”, but I also will have no regrets about the friendships that I needed and wanted to keep, but it was not meant to be.  I also realize that change and time can effect everything.  Some people will want more than we are capable of giving and it will either be ok or it will not.  I always say that “we are not our circumstances” and I was reminded of that today, in a way no one will ever know.  I was reminiscing this morning about all I have ever known about someone and came to only one, pure conclusion.  ABSOLUTELY, she and I will always have a connection that cannot be seen…only felt.

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