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If someone asked for help, would you?  Would you drop everything and do what you needed to do to get to them as quickly as you could, without any regard for anything you had on your list of things to do?  Without expecting anything in return?  Yesterday, I answered the call and some might say that I did more than someone should have asked of me and others might say, “Wow!”  The crazy part was that I didn’t even hesitate to make my decision.  I made it and went with it.  I don’t regret it and would do it again.  Have you done something for someone that you just knew you had to do?  When any regard for yourself disappeared because someone said those words — “I need you”  — and you jumped into action?  I know that I would be on the next plane to help certain people who mean the world to me, but yesterday was different.  Are you ready for the real excitement?  The person that called and asked for help was someone I had never met before, but was an acquaintance of one of my son’s.  She was stranded with two friends looking for a ride to Omaha and I drove 90 minutes one way to get her and her two friends (who I have also never met), got them something to eat, and took them to their hotel.  Job done.  No big thing, right?  They offered me money, but I refused and simply asked them to pay it forward.  That the next time someone asks for their help that they remember today and give more than you receive.  Not many people might have done what I did yesterday and it still may be difficult to explain to people (especially my son), but I also look at it another way to start a ripple effect.  So, the next time someone asks you to help, what will you do?  Kindness and true caring are so hard to come by these days and yesterday, I was lucky enough to be a part of it.  Yesterday, I was lucky and answered the call.

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