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I have learned a lot of who I am and who I am not through this journey called life.  I have learned what I love to do and what makes me cringe.  At a very young age, I also think I learned what I did not want to become, not knowing what I wanted to be.  Heading in one direction led me away from who and what I did not want to be so I became the opposite.  People still wonder why I have a difficult time in accepting praise and compliments and the only answer I can give is that I do not like attention.  Even if it is for good reasons.  I would prefer to hang back, in the crowd, and never be noticed.  But, alas, that does not always occur, even when I try to achieve that goal.  So, I humbly accept the nice words that are given freely and move on as quickly as possible.  I do not relish to be in the limelight and people become confused as to how can someone who wants to speak in front of crowds not want to be center of attention?  Here is what works for me…when I am speaking, the message is in the limelight, not me.  We all have roles we play and they change based on what is needed.  I am not one to highlight the finer points from my resume, and some people are surprised by that.  They think I should be bragging all the time, but that is not me.  I am humble.  I accept praise that is given, but inside want to run as quickly as I can away in the opposite direction.  Who are you?  Have you ever asked yourself why you are the way you are?  Has childhood experiences and people in your life shaped that today?  I know who I am and who I choose to be around and include in my life.  My life may not mean a lot to everyone, but who I am and what I do with that life is something special to me.

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