Oh, how I missed the run…

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Because the weather in eastern Nebraska has been unseasonably warmer than normal, I went for a run yesterday afternoon and again this morning.  I had forgotten how much I loved it!  It was a chilly 35 degrees this morning, but I didn’t care.   I had not run in about a month, mostly because the mornings had turned colder than my determined “20 degree threshold” of committing to being outside.  Therefore, I had decided that my alternative was the dreaded elliptical.  UGH!  Although placing a towel over the display has helped with my hating being on that machine, it does nothing for my psyche like running does.  There just is no comparison.   Then, I remembered something. I already had it in my mind that it would be mid to late February before I would be able to run outside because the weather would be more predictable.  But, I have had to cancel a run in May because of a thunderstorm, so why can’t I go with the flow and get in a run when I can?  It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.  I learned that about something else recently too.  It can’t be all or nothing.  There has to be a little “go with the flow”.  I need to love the times I get to run, regardless of the month it is today.  I couldn’t help the small tears that welled up as I watched the sun slowly rising to the east as again I was reminded to be joyful and grateful for the lessons I learn every day.  Sometimes, the run is so much more than just the 5 miles that have been logged on my muscles and shoes.  Sometimes, the run is about being free to choose and to love the choices we have made.  I hope I can go for another run tomorrow…but if not, I will be glad when I can run again.  And love

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