Nothing is ordinary

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NOTHING.  I took life for granted and never really appreciated it and the gift that it continues to give to me every day.  I am not sure why.  But now, I find myself humbled by its mere existence in some lives and why it is abruptly taken away in others.  We forget what is precious and only attempt to hold on to it when we are in jeopardy of losing it, but nothing is ordinary in this world and we need to awaken to realize that it is so.  Big things matter but sometimes the littlest things stay with us and mean the most.  No act of kindness or smile or hug should be considered “par for the course.”  Earlier someone this week said, “I miss you” and as much as that was a surprise to hear that, it said so much more.  She may never know exactly what that is, but I can only try to explain it in that my presence means something to her and I was truly humbled by that.  Thanks.  For many years, I have allowed myself and my life to be considered ordinary and was nothing really spectacular…most of us would say the same.   Do you feel like your life is ordinary?  Why isn’t it something special to you?  Of all people, it should be special to you.  If you were faced with a situation where you had to pick the life you have now vs no life at all, you would pick the life you have — we all would.  So make it special…make it more than ordinary…make it an exclamation point.  Listen when someone has something to say…give a hug that lasts more than a second and leave a part of you behind…allow yourself to feel that you matter.  You are not ordinary and what you bring to our lives will never be considered such.  The JK family is in my prayers every day and I cannot even begin to fathom the amount of strength TK must have within her to keep her smile and faith during this time.  Even waking up would be considered a miracle to some people.  I implore you…almost beg you…don’t take things for granted…every thing means something.  Nothing is ordinary.

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