What does it take to believe?

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In anything?  Can any of us define when that moment will come?  Do we even select it?  No one really knows that answer, but we know it when it comes.  The funny thing is that we start to believe things about ourselves when others point it out to us.  It takes someone else to believe in us first.  Why is that?  What do they see that we don’t?  Is it because they see potential and benefit and excitement and we see doubt, fear, and uncertainty?  Yesterday, I ran in a 5K to support my friend, LL, who has experienced colon cancer and I was unsure how well I would do.  But having friends (new ones too!) cheering me on and motivated me to do more.  I tried to return the favor as I urged them to take “10 more steps”.  We have to try.  We have to decide that doing something, even if it means failing, is better than doing nothing.  One of my responsibilities is to encourage you to believe…to believe that your life can be different and that you deserve everything.  I can’t change your life, but I can maybe lead you to a road you never saw before.  Maybe it was a road you passed by from time to time, but never really looked at it.  There is a reason you are drawn to it.  Because you believe that that road is where you are supposed to be.  Maybe you just don’t know how to get there.  I get that.  I am still trying to figure that out for myself.  We all are.  When you believe something, truly believe, what happens?  You accept it.  You embrace it.  You become swaddled in something you held onto in your dreams.  What does it take to believe that you are more than what you see right now?  I will never forget when I saw potential and destiny bigger than life itself in someone who is very special to me.  She never saw it before and seemed surprised that I did.  It took no time at all, either.  In return, I think I received a HUGE wake up call as well.  She saw my potential and destiny.  We are both travelling down the roads we were meant to take and loving every minute of it.  What does it take to believe?  The only answer I can come up with is that you feel it.  You know it.  You trust it and becomes a part of you that never should have been hidden in the first place.  People are magically drawn to this understanding of why we are here.  For those of you that are still searching, keep looking…keep asking yourselves the questions.  I spoke to KD this weekend and she said she is still wondering what her thing is, but she already knows the answer.  I heard it in her voice.  Listen, KD.  So, my friends, find out what it takes to believe.  And then do.

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