Not One More Thing

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There is so much that we do during our normal, everyday lives that sometimes we think that we cannot do one more thing. This was brought to my attention by a friend who was feeling like she had had it. We are overwhelmed and tired and want to just stop thinking about everyone else. We forget to think about us, but we need to make sure we take time for us. Not the spouse, not the kids, not the house, not the job (you get the picture). We put everything else in front and we take the backseat. We need to remember that we are no good to the spouse, the kids, the house, or the job if we do not take care of us. Not that we should put us first all of the time because we can’t. When we are feeling like there is no room for that one more thing, we need to remind ourselves that it is just a test. Like all tests, they eventually end. How we handle unforseen troubles and stress will determine what else comes before you. Be strong and follow your heart. We are very confident in our passions and beliefs. Our convictions are what drives us to function well in every day life. Because of that, we can handle one more thing…we just may not want to. But we do because we are women who are following this path to being greater than ever imagined.

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