A chance

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If we are not willing to give ourselves a chance, who will? We cannot be passive in our pursuit to find our purpose in life. As we share our stories and allow others to see where we are headed, we begin to realize we are not alone in our quest. Our hearts are showing us the way. We are compelled to listen. Complacency is not something we can accept when we are making steps to improve our lives. It is a dilusion that tricks us into believing that “this is all there is” or “this is the best it will ever be”. We cannot go on living stifled, unfullfilled lives. Our capacity to impact those around us will keep us in awe of our greatness yet to be found. We are afraid to take the chance because we may get hurt or be rejected. On the other hand, we may also love and be accepted. So I ask you again…if you will not give yourself a chance, who will? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Are you willing to take that chance?

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