Why me? Why now?

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I often ponder why is this happening now? Why to me? If you were to ask me those same questions, I could not answer them. There are days when I am very profound with my words and other days I don’t even write. Its intensity changes, but it never goes away. I visited with a co-worker who I do not know very well and we had a wonderful conversation about life, etc. We chatted about my last few weeks and it was very natural. When she left my office, never did I think that anything I said would make a difference in her life. I told her, “The biggest dilemma will not be figuring out what we are meant to do. It will be having the courage to do it.” I later told her that she was “at the door”. I just gave her permission to walk through it. Since then, she has told me she cannot go back to who she was before our talk. Who knew?
I still don’t know the answer to these questions, but will continue to follow this path. I hope you join me.

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