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I have often wondered what people (yes, that means you) think about what I write. Are there a lot of consistent readers, or once a week readers, or an occasional view now and again. But I never hear from anyone. I know people are reading this, because I can see that there are countries represented by that stats that Blogger gives to me. Someone in 40 different countries have at one time read this. But no response has me puzzled. No comments, except from a few friends and family. How does this affect those perfect strangers that are out there reading this very sentence? Has it impacted you in a good way? Has this encouraged you to find joy in your life? Does fear no longer exist in your vocabulary? Part of me thinks I am speaking to a room full of empty chairs, but I know that is not true. I just can’t see the people in the room. It is not always about seeing the flower bloom after you planted the seed, watered it, gave it rays of sun, and the dirt in which to grow…but sometimes you like to know that the committment, dedication, and time meant something. I would love to hear from any of you. Email is or just post something on the comment section of a post. You can do it anonymously. Have a great day!

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