Left brained vs Right brained

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I was reading an article today that talks about left-brained vs right-brained people and the differences between the two hemispheres. In looking at the characteristics of each side, I would guess that I have been a left-brain user for the majority of my life. I am thinker and by that I am “rational, enjoy talking and writing, and solve problems logically.” However, I also have started using my right side of my brain as well, probably more than I ever have before. Those characteristics include, “using hunches, is more fluid and spontaneous, and is more free with their feelings.” WOW. Seeing those descriptions made me think that I am left-brained dominant as I am sure most of us are one or the other. Although, I certainly seem to using my instincts more and I know I share my feelings more (sometimes thinking it’s too much – yes, the left-brain creeps in) and try to be less focused on how things will play out and just let them happen. This is probably best described as the “rollercoaster” ride of life. I seem to find myself finding things, people, words, etc that somehow are connected, even if looking at them separately would not lead me to that same conclusion. Without planning, events happen on the same day. People that we had not seen or talked to in months suddenly reach for you and I sit back and wonder, “why?” I used to think that I did not have a creative bone in my body and actually tell people that I cannot draw a stick man to save my life. My husband can draw as can our youngest son. I love to sing and want to learn how to dance, but feel awkward in front of others. I have kept my distances from others in order to protect myself from possible damage, but now seem to be ok with showing people more of me than most have seen in some time (or ever). I have said it before that I am not as “free” when I let my brain win, but feel more when I let my heart lead. Maybe it should be “left-brained vs. right-heart.” As long as they work together and not against one another, then everything will just as it is meant to be.

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