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Last night, my husband and I were sitting on the couch watching something on TV as our youngest boys sat playing near us. I say that like they are 2 & 3, but really they are more like almost 15 and 16. The youngest one had surgery on his knee, so he was recuperating on the couch and the older one decided to join him playing a video game. Mike and I just sat as we figured out what to watch. As I was eating a piece of licorice (stupid leftover Halloween candy – just saying), he reached for my hand, but I had candy in it. He did not know it, so he felt something he did not expect and I had to laugh. My best laugh, as he calls it. He told me he has not heard it in a while, but he was glad he did. I don’t really recall not trying to laugh or reserving my laugh in any way. I guess it just wasn’t warranted recently. I am not sure why or why not. Some things make me giggle in a store because I see something and my sense of humor gets the better or me. Other times, a smile is what I end up showing people. Then, there are those times that my best laugh comes out. Now, my laugh is nothing like I mentioned about my friend SB who I could never lose in Disneyland. I have been told that I can be funny, and that is part of my sense of humor. In fact, I hope people laugh at the parts that are funny in my speech that I have to give next week. (yes, I said NEXT week.) Do you laugh at least once a day? Do you smile and giggle at things that are funny? Even if they are just funny to you? Some people I know laugh so hard, they snort but they cannot help it. But those are my favorite kinds of laughs – the ones that are truly felt and given, with no barriers to hold them back. They just are. Laugh today. Watch something funny. Look at pictures from your past where you remember good times, good times. And when you feel it, your best laugh will just happen. It just works that way.

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