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Good morning…I started to re-read Mark Nepo’s, “The Book of Awakening – Having the life you want by being present in the life you have” over the weekend. Within the first few pages, I found a new favorite quote by Helen Luke – “The coming to consciousness is not a discovery of some new thing; it is a long and painful return to that which has always been.” I find this extremely significant that all this time, as I have travelled this journey, I kept thinking I was finding new things. Truth is – it has always been with me. I either never looked for it, hid it, or forgot it was there. I am more resolved to being who I need to be than I have ever been. It is what drives me to be better, more focused, and dedicated to really being who I was intended to be. The process continues to amaze me at times with the ways that I feel about situations and people. I know this will only get better. Have a wonderful week!

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