Goal one – done!

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Today, I participated in the Omaha Corporate Cup Run with my running partner. She made me promise to keep going and go as long as I could, so I did and ran at my own pace. We started the race together, but did not run together. I ran most of it, but still stopped when needed to and even my husband came down to support me. He tried to take pictures, but he did not see me in time. It was great to see him and I love his support. Before we got started, I was nervous, but could not even really determine why. It was not because I was nervous about what time I ran, or that I would slip in the rain. I could not identify this feeling, other than it was something new to me. I was glad that she decided to do it with me. I think I will run this every year, even if I am doing it by myself. I do know that I would not have just signed up to run it without the encouragement from my running partner. Regardless of how I did (for time), my goal was to finish (without needing medical attention) and now I can say I did it. Next, we run in the Race for the Cure in 2 weeks. That race is only half the distance so will go much quicker. I just hope the weather cooperates as today was chilly with a light misting of rain. I am still working on the sit up goal – doing a minimum of 20 a day with 10 push ups. I will keep pushing myself to get to each goal that I have set for myself. I felt good to get it done today. Remember, it starts today.

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