Never extinguish the flame

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People have referred to them as “haters” – people who will just do everything they can to put you down, mostly because they are not up.  If they can’t see the sun, then no one can!!  They try to snuff out your flame by casting stones, dishing out hurtful words because they are the only ones who can be right or have a valid point, or try to throw you under the bus.  Been there many times, my friends, and yes, I have the skid marks to prove it.  Here is the thing…how do respond to those kinds of people?  Do we let them “win”?  Sometimes, it is not about “winning” and someone we have to cut our losses and realize they are not worth it.  People like that never change and even though I am not one to push someone else under the bus, I certainly won’t catch those people if they fall in front of it.  My biggest asset is my humor in situations like these…I have to laugh about it and make myself the “butt” of those situations because otherwise I get angry and would never treat someone they way I have been treated.  Have you ever tried to have a conversation with a “hater” and they just don’t get it?  It is a waste of time, isn’t it?  But we keep trying because we are not “haters”.  Probably worse than “haters” is those good, church going people who seem to forget the “Golden Rule.”  Can you say “hypocrite?”  Those kinds of people motivate me to do more and give me more energy than I did the day before.  And they will forever be jealous because they are self-serving and deviant when it comes to truly caring about others.  But you and I know the secret….when they act this way, it just fuels our fire.  If they only realized that it makes it worse for them because we are stronger than any words or deeds they could ever throw our way.   We all have people like this in our life and allowing ourselves to get sucked into their world just perpetuates the problem.  Because we know they exist and we can never change them, no matter how hard they try, they will NEVER extinguish my flame.  Even when the flame may diminish to just a flicker of a spark at times, it will never go out.  EVER.  Just sayin.

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