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Do you believe in coincidence when the same number keeps appearing in very random events?  I know there are people who study numbers and believe that they mean something about a person’s personality.  In fact, someone I know did a “number chart” for someone else I know.  I don’t recall and not sure if the chart was accurate or if there was just coincidence about certain things.  I find some things very perculair…for example, my husband and three sons all were born on Wednesdays, on even days in odd years.  Every one of them…I was born on an odd day in an even year.  But today, I was thinking about the number 16.  There are three times that the number 16 is significant for me and all involve Rocky.  I think she remembers two of them, but even I had to confirm on the third and I was right.  It did not hit me until today that 16 was important.  I remember certain dates because they are significant, just like a birthday or anniversary.  It was something that I had not put together for over 6 months because I had forgotten about the third thing.  I look at it everyday, but missed the message.  Do you believe in the lucky numbers that are pre-printed that come in your fortune cookie?  If you believe in the number, what does it mean?  If chance occurs and there is a correlation to the letters or initials, does that mean something?  Should it?  Here is another connection that I have posted about before…I always say ATTITUDE and EFFORT are the only two things we can control.  Rocky and I say ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.  Now, are you getting it?  It took me a while to put that together as well.  When she was trying to figure out what to name the store and she told me about her love of AUDREY HEPBURN, I reminded her the she and Audrey have the same initials so the store name should have a tie in somehow with the same initials….hence, ABSOLUTELY HER.  Does this kind of stuff only catch my attention or do you do it too?  Although, in talking with a co-worker yesterday, we were both surprised that we each look at numbers and letters when they are put together just right and the significance of them as they relate to our lives.  I am always looking for signs and maybe this is a way for it to make it make sense.  But maybe, instead of me trying to make it make sense, it just does.

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