Worth the wait

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Have you ever said this to yourself or had heard it from someone else?  “Hope it was worth the wait.”  Today, is a very special day for me and only one other person knows why as it means just as much to her as it does to me.  She will get something today in the mail that will tell her everything and it will make her cry.  I cried writing it, but she needed to know.  Have you ever wanted something so badly that even when it came to you, with open arms, that you didn’t trust it?  That you were leery of its honesty and tried to push it away?  Maybe you just ran away from it because then you removed yourself from that unfamiliar, uncomfortable situation until it poked its head again at another time?  Except for a few certain people (my husband and my family), I did not let others in.  If given the choice, I had learned that they would eventually leave so I thought it would be best (for me) if I decided for them.  99% of the time, it worked.  Then I met Rocky.  I still shake my head in disbelief at how or why she came into my life, but will always be grateful that she is here.  The road I have travelled to get me to this place…right here…right now…was ABSOLUTELY worth the wait.  I never believed that it would be a life for me as it wasn’t a life I had lived before, but secretly probably always wanted.  Look around you…find what you treasure most and embrace it.  Sometimes, what we are looking for actually comes to us and the wait is finally over.  I know this wait was worth it and am loving this rollercoaster ride.  TYFE.

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