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There is no such thing as a mistake.  Everything happens for a reason.  Whether we like it or not, every person, every experience, every moment serves a purpose.  Would you ever agree that life sometimes needs a little chaos so that we understand what order looks like? I know what you are thinking…and I get it.  This week, someone I know was tested and accidentally put into a situation he would have never dreamed of being in.  When confronted with a popular decision versus the right decision, I cannot tell you the amount of pride I felt for this man when he shared with me the decision he made.  It was not something he came to lightly and yet knew the decision he had to make almost immediately.  A day or so after, a friend of his pointed out that if certain things had happened in this man’s life the way he thought they would, then he never would have been in the predicament he was in this week.  His friend pointed out a perspective that I had not seen and yet when it was shared with me, it made perfect sense.  There are no mistakes.  This man was in this place, at this time, with these circumstances to be an Army of One when others would take the easy route and chose to look the other way.  Ever made a decision when something went wrong but in the midst of trying to change it, something better, something you never expected comes out of the blue and changes you in a way so that you cannot ever be who you were before?  I am a planner by nature and prefer predictability over chaos any day.  But every once in a while, life needs to be stirred up.  It needs to remind us that we are alive and it will find ways to test us.  We will be faced with extremely difficult choices that could result in life changing events that may not ever be erased.  Ever wondered why something happened to you?  Ever felt like you didn’t deserve something that came to your life?  Maybe the purpose of those moments is to challenge you to be more than you think you ever were.  We can have circumstances that will change our lives in an instant and we can learn from those moments or continue to fight with them.  We can believe that those bad moments are mistakes and only the good ones are the ones that were meant to happen.  But what if it is not supposed to be that way?  What if those things we would never wish for come to us and somehow give us strength because there is no other choice but to be strong?  We all fight our own battles and I often wish I could take those from my loved ones, just so the would not have them to fight.  But there is a story to tell when the weak become strong and the afraid become brave.  We will never welcome the negative things that happen to us, but maybe, just maybe, the lesson that they are trying to teach us is not what we need to see.  Maybe the lesson is on the mistake itself…because it means something.  Remember all of our  “Blessings” by Laura Story

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