The masquerade

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Who you pretend to be is wearing on you…I can see it.  Can you feel it?  You know you can.  You just don’t want to admit it.  The fake smile you give is a dime a dozen and people would rather not have it at all.  Yesterday, I was out of sorts and someone picked up on it and asked me if I as ok.  I had a choice to make — I could have lied to her and let it go OR I could be real and honest and tell her that I was having an off day and why.    I am never fake.  In fact, I am probably more real than most and for someone who only recently allows herself to be vulnerable, it is a new experience for me.  The protection we use to keep us from harm is only temporary and we know it.  But are you willing to take a chance and show people who you really are and share your love of life with us all?  You may be asking yourself why it matters to any of us…or telling yourself that you don’t know who you are…or finding any excuse you can just to do the bare minimum.  You want to get through life as quietly as you can.  I know lots of people like that…know any?  The imposters are everywhere. I have recently made a new friend who basically told me — “I don’t have time to be fake.”  Isn’t keeping up with whatever story you are telling this week hard to keep straight?  Wouldn’t it just be easier to be who you really are?  Sometimes, it is hard to trust people after you have been hurt so you keep your walls up, just in case.  But when you decide to put the defenses down and let people see the genuine you, it can be an awakening like you have never imagined before.  You know when you have the courage to show who you are and you then realize that you can never, ever put that mask been on.  You are no longer a poser and will no longer allow your true soul to be veiled by bogus feelings, forged dreams, and phony words.  You become empowered by the freedom left when you are true and genuine.  People are drawn to you because of the energy you create and dance you live begins to intrigue others to do the same.  Don’t let anyone ever tell you to live a life other than the one you are meant to live.    “Steal your Rock and Roll” from the play, “Memphis”

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