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When good things came my way, I always tried to dismiss them as insignificant or meaningless.  Even if I had worked hard or dedicated a lot of time, I still never believed that I deserved it.  Over the last couple of days, we have had a lot of good news come to our family and all involve our three sons.  As a mom, I could not be more proud of these accomplishments for them and eager look forward to their next steps as they take action with their committment to their passions.  Last night, I overheard someone who can make someone else’s dreams come true that it “might as well be you” when the young lady told her that she didn’t deserve it.  That was me for most of my life.  Is that you?  Sure, there might be others who might deserve it more, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve it too.  When you think you can’t.  When you think it’s not possible.  When you think it isn’t real.  When you think everything negative. Stop and think about why it might as well be you.  You will find just as many reasons there as you will on the other side, but you just have to choose which one to see.  I found a couple of quotes the other day on plaques that were meant for graduates, but I bought them for my office.  They are wonderful reminders to me about where I can go, what I can believe, and what my purpose is and where my courage takes me in pursuing my purpose.  In looking for places to find in my office where people will see them, one has to sit directly in front of me and I now see it every day.  It sits on the table under “Two hands” and says, “Believe you can and you’re half way there.”  Before we can get anywhere new, we have to believe we can get somewhere new.  Once we believe that, we also have to believe that it might as well be you.  Start believing!!!

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