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I never know it and even when I am told, it still makes me speechless.  Last week, RE sent me a nice text that included how someone else might benefit from coming to the G.I.F.T. and she thinks that I am the best person to help this someone else.  RE told me how positive I am as we have shared more texts over the last week and am grateful for her friendship.  Over the last few weeks, another mutual friend of ours got very sick and was close to no longer being with us and I am glad that she is home.  Although she has a tough road and is not out of the woods by any means, I believe LL now has a brand new appreciation for the life she has, the people she chooses to share it with, and all the her future has yet to show her.  Over the weekend, I complimented my neighbor on a job well done for a 5K she and her husband ran and her reply was that I inspired her.  As I was leaving a graduation party, a very good friend suggested that I looked like I just graduated – love you, JP.  I still am in awe when compliments come my way and have gotten much better at accepting them when they are given.  I never believed them before, even when said by more than one person.  I took away the gift of the compliment from the giver and didn’t even realize it.   I should apologize to all of those gifts that I rejected.  I just didn’t know how to accept them.  What gifts are being given to you that you are rejecting?  Is it because you are afraid that someone else has noticed you and that the standard has been set and now you will have to measure up to that going forward?  Oh wait, that was probably me.  Maybe it is you too.  Been there, done that.  I was always afraid that it would never be enough.  Sometimes, I still am afraid that I could or should be doing more.  Not for me, for others.  As you begin this new day, be grateful for those gifts that come your way.  Thank you to everyone who takes the time to thank me…it humbles me every time and I usually have to re-read something to believe it as being real.  You all amaze me with your willingness to share your life with me and am always grateful to be a small part in that same life.

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