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Where does grace come from?  Is it easy or hard to find?  When we find it, do we know that that is what it is?  When we think of grace, we usually think of something bigger than us and how it means to give more for others.  I find grace in a friendly hug or a smile from a friend.  I find grace in complete strangers who greet each other with “Good morning” and leave with a “Have a great day!”  I find grace in the innocent wave from a toddler who sees me in a restaurant.  I find grace in someone helping someone else, who has graciously accepted that assistance.  Grace is everywhere, but we have to choose to see it.  It is not in all things, but it can be if we look for what it means.  Grace is also often associated with religion and God and He has given me grace every day, even when I didn’t know it or believe I deserved it.  Grace is when we say the right things to someone who might not want to hear them , even if you both know they need it.  Grace is accepting your role, even when you don’t understand it.  With grace comes humbleness and recognizing that there is something bigger than you.  Look for grace today…you might be surprised where you see it.  But, it will make you smile and remind you of where you are and who you are.

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