It is not about YOU!

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We all become selfish at times for various reasons.  Some we are not even sure why they showed up, but we fear being forgotten and not missed.  That we have become so insignificant that we feel like we do more or want more, but it never seems like it is enough.  I feel better about my place in this life when I put others first, not when I think about “what’s in it for me?”  I have never really thought about that when I was growing up and try to think more of others before I even consider myself.  It is not about me.  Periodically, I send a text or call someone just to check in and see if they are doing well and find out how life is treating them.  Sometimes, I am needed to be there to listen and othertimes, they just want to share with me about something that is exciting.  When you are wondering when your turn will come around, don’t.  Just stop right there.  When you give more to others, it is NEVER about you.  Even if you keep giving and giving and giving.  It is what you do and makes you who you are.  I get no joy in being rewarded for anything that comes my way, as I do not believe it is about me.  It never has been and never will be.  It is a way to define who I am and why I never seek acknowledgement for things that are easily done for me and my family.  I have noticed recently how humble our sons are when accolades come their way for something they never expected.  They appreciate the compliment but do not sulk when things do not go their way, fair or not.  Life is not fair, sometimes.  Life is not about keeping score, either.  Life is about giving everything you have to everyone else you can, without anything ever coming back to you, other than you know you gave it away freely, without expectations.  So, the next time you are wondering why you are not getting “your due”, believe that you won’t.  Because it is not about you.

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