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Someone I have known for a few years has this tattooed on his arm as a reminder about his life motto – You Only Live Once.  TK has had his share of ups and downs and even had a few medical scares in his short 20 years but he certainly has wasted no time in trying to live his life in a fun, but careful, way.  He reminded me of this yesterday when I got to spend a few minutes with him after I rode a mechanical bull at a party for Cinco de Mayo.  I never would have done that years ago because my thought process went something like this, “But I don’t want to fall off and embarrass myself in front of others” or “I might get hurt” or some other lame excuse as to why not to do it.  But you know what?  I stayed on it for 32 seconds and was one of the first adults to get on it and try.  Yes, everyone else before me was like eight years old, but I also think I gave the other adults permission to do it also.  I didn’t see any other women hoping up there.  Oh, and I had a special “bull riding” shirt that I had to wear, courtesy of Absolutely Her.  Thanks, Rock!  I will tell you that it is a lot more difficult that it appears, but even when I fell off, I just laughed.  You Only Live Once.  Not that I forgot that before, but it certainly has become something that I hade decided a few years ago about what I wanted the rest of my life to be like.  Two years ago yesterday, I wrote my Life Statement and the words have never changed.  My outlook and perspective on life has just become deeper as I have committed more of my energy with making my life better.  I am not going to let opportunities and chances just pass me by.  Not any more.  I am dedicated to those people who mean the world to me and pledge to follow through with those activities that bring me joy and help me bloom.  I don’t need an audience to make my life the best it can be because I will know that I have lived my one life for me.  Who are you living your ONE life for?  Are you embracing all that comes your way or do you push stuff away?  Live your life for YOU and everyone else that loves you will still be there, waiting to share your life with them as they share their lives with you.  Keep everything in perspective and don’t get wrapped in the minor details that no one will remember tomorrow anyway.  Never forget about Rule 22 and don’t ever live with regrets.  Moments you can never get again cannot be replayed and the “what if’s?” will begrudged you to want something different.  You Only Live Once.  So…LIVE!!!!

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